Celebrating Banshee 1.6

As you probably know, we released Banshee 1.6 a few days ago. You can read all about it in the release notes, and in Gabriel's blog.

After a long development cycle that culminated in this major release, you naturally take some time to look back and reflect on how things are going. Gabriel already did that and has some beautiful evidence to show.

In this spirit, and to celebrate all the contributions we received during this cycle, here's a short video, made using the Gource visualization tool. Look at all these people adding features, fixing bugs, translating, etc.

Banshee git history from Bertrand Lorentz on Vimeo.

It shows the source code repository activity since it was switched to git in April 2009, which corresponds to somewhere between the 1.4.3 and the 1.5.0 releases. Using the history before that time would be much less interesting, as it would show the committers, and not the real authors of the contribution.
Also, the files only appear as they are modified, so don't be fooled : the Banshee source tree wasn't that small in April 2009 !

As I left out the textual information, for maximum eye-candy-ness, you can play a little game to test your Banshee knowledge : Are you able to identify parts of the directory structure (spotting po/ should be easy) ? Can you recognize people just by their contribution pattern ?

If you enjoyed this video, I really recommend you install and run Gource in interactive mode : just go into your Banshee git checkout and run "gource". You can see all the information, skip to a specific date, zoom in, track an author, etc.

If you want to join the fun and be in the next video, it's easy : http://banshee-project.org/contribute/